Gareth Bruce

~ Folk & Roots

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Thursday, July 18

7:30 p.m.

$25 / members $21.25 / youth $12.50

Wayfaring and whimsical, weaving stories into melodies, in his own bluesy/folk, foot-tapping style. Mister Bird highlights the magic of the wild & the subtle miracles of everyday. Recognized for his heart moving performances, and his rich and rusty voice. Leaving his listeners feeling as though they’ve lived the song…

Born and raised in the Bow Valley, Gareth Bruce aka Mister Bird, grew up with the Rocky Mountains and a forest as his backyard. You can hear his love for nature and the great unknown pouring out through his music. Mister Bird has self recorded and released 4 independent albums. All raw, original.. and as real as it gets. And has independently toured all across Canada. His latest album ~ Moving Mountains ~ is his first studio album, recorded at Barnhouse sound studio on Vancouver Island. In his own words “ This has been a long time coming .“ As the title suggests ~ Moving Mountains ~ is inspired by the impossible. Written from personal experiences, that explore the darker shades of blue, and what it truly means to belong.

Strewn with nostalgia and stories that dissolve limiting beliefs, it celebrates the struggles and the surreal beauty of life, encouraging and empowering its listeners to question their expectations, and to expand their horizons. Learning to see challenges as opportunities to grow.

In a sweet and savoury blend of modern alternative folk and muddy water blues ~ Moving Mountains ~ navigates the peaks and valleys of life. Inspiring curiosity, instilling hope and reminding you that anything is possible.

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