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The success of artsPlace depends on the support of the individuals, families, organizations, businesses, and foundations listed below. Through their generosity, these supporters have enriched the programming and activities offered by artsPlace.


Three Sisters $100,000+

Mount Rundle $50,000-$99,999

  • Anonymous

Mount Lady MacDonald $20,000-$49,999

  • Anonymous
  • Stephen Kennedy

Grotto Mountain $10,000-19,999

  • Judy and Herman Cooper
  • Patricia Johnston

Mt Lawrence Grassi $2,500-$9,999

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Eleanor Benham
  • Nan Hughes Poole and Peter Poole
  • Priscilla and Robert Janes
  • Edward and Ann Kerwin
  • Darcey and Robert MacArthur
  • Georg McKay
  • Michael Potter
  • Hendri and Carol Vorster

Media Sponsors

Ha Ling Peak $1000-$2499

  • Anonymous Fund at Calgary Foundation
  • Ana Araujo and Duncan Highsmith
  • Bow Valley Community Fund at Edmonton Community Foundation
  • Cadmus Fund at Calgary Foundation
  • Castle Mountain Home Furnishings
  • Dan Sparks and Associates
  • Glyn and Allison Edwards
  • Donna Egglestone
  • Steven & Patty Glover Family Fund at Edmonton Community Foundation
  • Stewart Hamilton
  • Hawthorn Blossom Investments Ltd.
  • Katharine Mills
  • Pam and Dale Jenks
  • Maggie Mitchell
  • Lilla Molnar and Marc Piché
  • Patricia and Norbert Morgenstern
  • Susan and Taso Palidis
  • Margaret and Michael Perlette
  • Nellie and John Radomsky
  • Ann Ross
  • Jeri-Lynn and Lauren Robertson
  • Dick Schwann
  • Scotiabank
  • Stanley Semrau
  • Jane Stevenson
  • Charlene Todd
  • Jennifer Tweddell
  • Tom Wanless
  • Wheaton Family Foundation
  • Jean-Michel Worms- in memory of Penny Worms
  • Mary Young

Yamnuska $500-$999

  • 470719 Alberta Ltd (Gordon March, Micheal Petroff)
  • Chris Bartolomie
  • Al and Nancy Bellstedt
  • Cori Brewster – in honour of Eleanor Benham
  • Melanie Busby and Goldie Edworthy
  • Business/ Arts
  • Tom Ebbern
  • Nicolaas Eelhart
  • Suzanne Morley and Jon Frolick
  • Katherine Govier
  • Mette Hoegh-Peterson
  • Ronda Krasnodemski
  • Patrick and Sharen Lipton
  • Sandy and Duncan McCaig
  • Lisa McDowell
  • Audrey and Hart Nessler
  • Frank and Sheila Raboud
  • Heather Rae
  • Sheilagh A. Ross
  • Mark Saar
  • Jean Slaght
  • Cody Slater
  • Silvia Stettler
  • Suncor Energy Foundation
  • Cliff Swanlund
  • Robert Cleland Tedford
  • Brian and Diane Travers Family Fund at ECF
  • Phillip Van Der Merwe and Michael Shugarman
  • Bill Walker

Friends $100-$499

Dean Allatt, Gail Allford, Cindy Ansley, Pia Anthony, Lynne Atkinson, Elizabeth & Hillar Auksi, Leta Babb, Bantrel Co., Sandi and Arif Boga, Samantha Bond, Joan and Sean Booth, Bow Valley Music Festival, Andrea Cameron, Colleen Catley, Sally Caudill and Rob Buffler, Desmond Chow, Esme Comfort, Jennifer and Michael d'Entremont, Anne deSoto, Susan Dorion, Stephen Doyle, Blair Dunbar, Wanda Ellerbeck, Joan Dunkley and Don Gardner, Penney Gaul and Martin Armitage, Marianne Engel, Entangled Puppetry, Joan Fargey, Steve Fedyna, Jennifer Feikes, Hamish Ferguson, Marleen Ferguson, Catharine Findlay, Cameron Fisher, David Flaschner, Dave and Nancy Foreman, John and Mary Ellen Frederick, Tina Fumo-Martin, Barb Fyvie and Peter Roginski, Deb Grady, Reta Green, Fred and Connie Hall, Karen Hanlon Kinsberg and Peter Kinsberg, Murray Hanna and Janice Tye, Gaye Harden, Shelley Harris, Janice Henderson-Lypkie, Linda Heywood, Tom and Patricia Hjorleifson, James B. Howe, Ken Hughes, Frances Hunter, Kathi Irvine, Christine Iversen, Linda Jackson, Rob and Elizabeth Jennings, Cy and Carolann Johnson, Evan Owen Jones, Kim and Bruce Jones , Carolyne Kauser-Abbott, Karen and Bill Keech, Nancy Keane, Sheila Kelly, Duane Kohut and Carol Poland, Anna Konye, Cécile Lafleur, Marcia Langenberg, Monique Larose and Robert Hudson, Laurie Lemieux, Richard LeSueur, Ron and Leslie Lewis, The MacIntosh Family, Kathryn Madill-Scott, Pauline Martin, Evelyn Matthews, Lynne MacLeod, Deb Mayberry, Ross McIntyre – in memory of Mike Sakatch, Marie C. McLean, Scott McLeod, Barbara McNeil, Patricia Meta, James Millard, Karen Minish, The Mountain Cabin Quilters Guild, Javan Mukhtarov, David Neish, Meg Ohsada, OK Tire Canmore, Debbie Lynne Pagee, Rudi Peet Goldsmith, Alison Pennie, G and R Perla, Hanna and Donald Pestell, John Pizale, Sue Praught, Meagan Reid, Deborah Rhodes, Cathy Robinson – in memory of Keesha Crawler, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co., Susanne Ruberg-Gordon, Vi Sandford, Cheryl Sanford, Alice Schultz, Mary Shearer, Shoes t’Boot, Michelle Skinner, David Strand, Sanae Takahashi, Lucy Taylor, Deanna Thompson, Jason Thompson, John and Ann Thorburn, Suzanne Toal, Bellanne and Hanoch Toren, Kelly VanderBeek, E G. Vandervoort, Michelle Vincent, Glenda Waddingham, Mary and Karl Wahl, Heather Walter and Patrick McCloskey, Kathleen Watson, Lana Wells, Buddy Wesley, D. Dianne Wheeler, Terrance and Susan White, Jim Wilker, Madeleine Williams, Marilyn Wilson, Shirley and Kelly Woolsey, Naomi Wyse, MaryAnna Zelenka

In Kind Supporters

Northern Vision Development LP., Alexis McKeown Portrait, Air North, Jon Frolick, Kristy Wolfe Photography, Who What When Tours, Dirty Laundry Vineyard, Project A.

Lifetime Supporters


$50,000- $249,999

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Judy and Herman Cooper
  • Stephen Kennedy


  • Eleanor Benham
  • Priscilla and Robert Janes
  • Patricia Johnston
  • Jeff Kovitz, QC and Dr. Micheline Maylor
  • Hendri and Carol Vorster


  • Lorna McCubbin
  • Nan Highes Poole and Peter Poole
  • Barry Taylor