Another Life by Elise Lavallee Findlay

RISE Emerging Artist Exhibition

MAR. 30 - MAY 1

March 30 - May 1, 2024

Thursday, April 4 at 5:30 p.m.


MAR. 30 - MAY 1

Another Life examines the challenges faced by women working in the construction trades, reflecting the Artist's own life experience. It explores the way the small everyday battles can lead to burnout, and more broadly, to gender disparity in the trades. 

For Elise Lavallee Findlay, creating the sculptures is a process of transformation. If you pull one thread from a canvas, and then another and another, the canvas can break down, leaving it fragile, transparent, and not at all what it once was. For the artist, pulling apart a canvas thread by thread, in an act of slow and subtle violence, became a meditative reflection on how the small things can add up. This series displays how something once pulled apart can be made into something new, with its own strengths and purpose.

In this exhibition, the sculptures, which started as simple representations of past trauma, become art objects, whole and complete in and of themselves. They are an echo of the transformation that happens within ourselves when we work towards healing and become something new.

Elise Lavallee Findlay, a Banff-based visual artist, is known for her versatile, process-driven practice. Her work delves into the exploration of community, place, identity, and the intricacies of human interaction with the world.

Graduating with distinction in 2023, Elise was honored with the prestigious Board of Governor's Award at the Alberta University of the Arts. At AUArts, Elise majored in Drawing with a minor in Object Design, using various mediums to express her artistic vision. Her commitment to lifelong learning is evident in her diverse educational background, which includes a Red Seal Cabinetmaker certificate and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Comparative Religion from Dalhousie University.

Community engagement holds a significant place in Elise's artistic practice. She actively collaborates with social agencies, utilizing art as a catalyst for social change and community strengthening. Elise serves on the Public Art Committee for the Town of Banff and is the founder of “Local Love,” a community craft-based group that organizes art and craft events to foster creativity and community building.

Elise Lavallee Findlay's artistic journey encompasses her exploration of place, identity, and social issues, all while actively engaging with and empowering her community through art. As she continues to evolve, her passion for lifelong learning and dedication to creating meaningful art that instigates positive change will shape her future artistic endeavors. Looking ahead, she aspires to further her artistic journey by pursuing a master's degree in Fine Art, while also establishing her studio in her hometown of Banff.

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