A Queens Celebration

Curated by Michelle “Magic” Bennie

May 5 - June 18, 2024

May 5 - June 18, 2024

Monday, May 6, 5:30PM – 8PM *FREE & OPEN TO EVERYONE*


May 5 - June 18, 2024

A Queens Celebration, curated by Michelle "Magic" Bennie, presents a group show of artists from the National accessArts Centre woven together through an imaginative tale of four seasons. Magic dances in the winds, and queens reign supreme over the ever-shifting seasons—four seasons, four queens, suited and stacked in a house of cards. 

Josephine Powers reigns as the Queen of Clubs, embodying the vitality and warmth of Summer. Ruby NightClub, the enigmatic Queen of Spades, portrays the mysterious allure of Fall, while Magic Rosemary, the Queen of Hearts, encapsulates the serene elegance of Winter. Venus Sky, the Queen of Diamonds, symbolizes the blossoming energy of Spring with her striking power of 'Diamond Lightning.'

Using works selected from the NaAC's roster of artists, Bennie's narrative threads the exhibition together, illuminating the interconnectedness between each queen's superpower and the creation of Earth's seasons.

"This work whispers while this one yells. It's a tale as old as time." -  Michelle “Magic” Bennie

About National accessArts Centre (NaAC)

Canada’s oldest and largest disability arts organization

The National accessArts Centre (NaAC) was founded as the In-Definite Arts Society in 1975. We provide artistic training, creation, and exhibition/presentation opportunities for artists with developmental, physical, and acquired disabilities.

The NaAC supports more than 300 artists living with developmental and/or physical disabilities through on-site studio supports and workshops, and an even broader community of Canadian artists with disabilities through immersive programs delivered online.

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