It's All In The Details

A photographic Exhibition by Pam Jenks and Lee Nordbye

June 24 - July 28, 2024

June 24 - July 28, 2024

Monday, June 24, 5:30pm - 8pm *FREE*


June 24 - July 28, 2024

Look at the mountains that surround us in a different way. Look beyond the obvious beauty and discover the fascinating details in mountain landscapes shown in this exhibition of framed photographs by Pam Jenks and Lee Nordbye.

Pam and Lee met at a series of photography workshops in 2015 and 2016 and soon discovered that in addition to their love of photography, they were both avid hikers who loved spending time in the Canadian Rockies. They started exploring together, lugging along backpacks full of photography equipment, and quickly realized that they shared a unique perspective when photographing the mountains.

Pam calls it “Alpine Detail” and Lee calls it “Below the Peak” but both focus on photographing the details and textures found in the mountains instead of the wider landscape. You won’t see much of the sky in their photographs! The key difference in their work is that Lee specializes in creating black and white images, while Pam generally leans towards colour. It's a fascinating display of similarity and contrast through two different lenses.

Meet the Photographers

Pam Jenks

Pam Jenks grew up in Calgary, Alberta and is thrilled to now live in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Canmore, Alberta. Her love of photography and travel has led her to visit some of the most spectacular places on earth but she is always drawn back to the beauty of the Canadian Rockies. When not traveling, she spends her time hiking, biking or skiing, always with a camera close at hand and always respectful of the beautiful places she loves to explore. While her photographic interests are diverse, her main focus is capturing details and textures in the landscape.

Lee Nordbye

Lee Nordbye is a landscape photographer, speaker, and teacher based in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. An award-winning and published photographer, Lee is known for a bold photographic style that highlights the intimate details and nuances of the natural world. His elegant and soulful approach to photography is matched by a passion to challenge himself, explore wild places, and have fun while doing it. Because who ever said that dad jokes, belly laughs and chocolate don’t belong amongst the finer things in life?

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