Tuesday, July 16

7:30 p.m.

$30 / members $25.50 / youth $15

"Qairo's music knows no boundaries" - CBC MUSIC

Qairo is an exhilarating fusion of Flamenco, Turkish music, and Arabic and Balkan influences. The band’s original compositions, enhanced by electronic sounds, showcase Mediterranean traditions with a modern twist. Dance is integral to Qairo’s performance, and "La Caramelita," a Canadian flamenco dancer of Indian/Malaysian origin, embodies the music's boundless spirit.

Qairo emerged from a desire to blend various styles, creating music that is unique and
representative of its members. The name Qairo refers not only to the iconic city of Cairo but also to 'kairos,' an ancient Greek concept meaning 'the right moment, the opportunity to be seized.'

Qairo releases their first album in January, 2025. The compositions blend different
Mediterranean styles harmoniously. We are transported on a modern Spice Road where
powerful, heartfelt flamenco vocals are accompanied by oud or Turkish clarinet, and underlined by danceable grooves. Qairo is a musical city without borders, where different music and dance styles fuse and flourish.

Check out more on Instagram or on their Website!

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