Celebrating Ceramics in the Bow Valley *FREE*

Potluck Gathering & Artist Talks

artists in the artsPlace ceramics studio

Wednesday, April 17

6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.




Do you like to make pottery? Join us at this potluck gathering that celebrates Bow Valley potters!

Meet featured local artists as they do short Artist Talks to share their specific tips and techniques with you. Be welcome to bring your own pottery creations to display for the evening and share your own unique style with other local potters. Feel free to bring some food to share and enjoy conversation with other pottery enthusiasts over a light meal. Everyone is welcome!

You can choose to:

  • Bring 1-5 pieces of your own pottery to display OR just come out to enjoy looking at everyone else’s creations.
  • Bring some food to share OR be welcome to come out and enjoy the food that is here. 

Featured Local Artists

Martine Desautels, Pots and Peaks

"Bonjour! My name is Martine, and I am the creator behind Pots and Peaks. Originally from Quebec, I fell in love with the beauty of the Canadian Rockies more than 15 years ago and have been living here ever since. As an artist, I am deeply inspired by the natural world around me. I have always been drawn to pottery because it allows me to work with my hands and connect with the earth in a meaningful way. I also always liked to mix different media and techniques in my work and that led me to research and try multiple ways to use underglaze transfer. In this presentation, I will be doing an overview of my process; how to create a new design, make an underglaze transfer and how to apply it on a piece. "

Jessie Reid

Jessie is a lifelong artist who has been working with clay since she was a young girl. Rediscovering her love of the medium 6 years ago, she has been practicing in wheel thrown pottery in the Bow Valley since. Jessie has recently begun assisting and teaching in the Canmore pottery community and is excited to share her knowledge, curiosity and love for ceramics with others. Having an interest in throwing larger pieces led her to explore the importance of clay preparation and its many methods.

“Clay is such a beautiful medium to observe through all its stages, from reclaim to a full fledged piece it is so much a part of the allure as well as the frustration of the ceramic process.”

Jessie hopes to help others achieve the most success by sharing some easy but hard-earned lessons in clay preparation and alternatives to centering large. Whether your throwing goals be small or large, this talk hopes to set you up for success.

Kathy Seeley, Eagle Point Pottery

"I started my pottery journey with classes at artsPlace, falling in love with the art form immediately, and taking as many classes as I could, until Covid happened. Then, I set up a studio in my house, eventually purchased my own kiln, and have been busy making and selling pottery for the last few years.

I call my technique: “Hand-built, wheel-finished.” It’s a process that allows me to put texture on the outside of a piece, hand building it, then putting it on the wheel to smooth and round it from the inside. I can also create a nicely finished rim, that I couldn’t get from hand building alone. My favorite thing is when other potters wonder how I made my piece. I also like that it gives me something unique to offer to my customers. Mugs, tumblers, bowls, vases and pitchers are all things I’ve adapted to this technique."

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