Saturday, Sept. 23

7 p.m.

$25 / members $21.25/ Youth $12.50

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VERTICAL LIFE Film Tour is in its 3rd year!!

Bringing the best of climbing adventures to the big screen. A selection of short films sharing untold stories,

unsung heroes and the faces we've come to know and love in climbing - VLFT has something for everyone.

Film Line-Up


In scaling rocks by the hardest routes, boulderers seek to escape gravity in an endless quest to achieve weightlessness and momentarily leave the world behind. MIDAIR is a metaphysical bouldering film starring the UK's best all-round climber, Jim Pope. Filmed in iconic Lake District locations and set to a pumping techno soundtrack.

Director: Louis-Jack

Everyday Climbers - Pablo

Pablo, a young Belgian climber, is biking through France in the winter, looking for the best 8A route of the country.

Director: Florent Quint


Effective communication is a challenge every climber faces. It’s a sport that requires intense focus, dedication, and overcoming fear. For Deaf climber Sonya Wilson, communication and community is of vital importance. Elevated is a non-verbal film sharing Sonya’s experience as a Deaf woman and outdoor advocate working to bridge the gap between the Deaf community and the outdoor industry, one crag at a time.

Director: Palmer Morse

Seven 7 Seven

Seven hundred and seventy seven meters. The bizarre number that measures a gap between two cliffs. In March 2021, a group of dirty and like minded individuals came together to break the Australian record for longest line rigged and bridge this 777m gap. Heartfelt and soulful, Divya Gordon and Ali Vann give you a glimpse into what it is like to be part of the Australian highlining community and what it means to highline.

Director: Divya Gordon, Ali Vann

The Process

Tom Randall is a world class crack climber. He is also a terrible runner, which is why his latest challenge seems like an odd choice. He decided to link up two of the Lake District's biggest and toughest endurance challenges, the Bob Graham Round and The Classic Rock challenge into one hellish 24 hour mad dash. A funny, honest, genuine and heartfelt story.

Director: Matt Pycroft


Having spent her teenage years in hospital, Grace finds healing in the climbing community.

Director: Sandro Gromen-Hayes

Route Setters

Short sport documentary film about route settings in Hong Kong's indoor climbing gym.

Director: Tony Cheung

Gigantor - The Dog Face

Australian Climber Zac Vertrees is at home on the Dogface climbing Gigantor, a route first aid climbed in 1967. Zac freed the route in 2005, yet it has not seen a second free ascent since. 15 years later he returns to re-climb it and finds it tougher than ever before. The Dogface is notoriously scary, gear can pop, rusty bolts snap by hand and the climbing is always a sandy affair.

Director: Ben Sanford

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