MUNCH. Love, Ghosts and Lady Vampires

'In the Gallery' Screening

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Thursday, January 25

7 p.m.

$15 / members $12.75 / youth $7.50

No artist in the world is more famous, and yet lesser known, than Edvard Munch. If his Scream has become an icon of our times, the rest of his output is not as famous.

The documentary film MUNCH. LOVE, GHOSTS AND LADY VAMPIRES strives to shed new light on Edvard Munch, a profoundly mysterious, fascinating man, a trailblazer and a master for everyone who came after him. At the same time, it is also a journey through Munch's Norway, in search of the roots and identity of a universal artist, who invites us to question the main theme of his multifaceted work: his idea of Time. Munch wrote, "I do not paint what I see, but what I have seen." And indeed, he repeated his subjects, painting and repainting the same images and storing them in his studio, laying the foundations for producing Multiples. His personal concept of Time is reflected in a delicate, original balance between past and present, a tool for living one's existence, a bridge across the dimensions of the universe in order to make contact with the world of ghosts and spirits.

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