Natural Twenty and the Caddisfly Quartet

An exciting collaboration between a host of talented Bow Valley and Alberta-based musicians

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Saturday, July 29

7:30 p.m.

$25 / members $21.25/ youth $15

This exciting collaboration between a host of talented Bow Valley and Alberta based musicians from a variety of backgrounds brings a fascinating mix of musical inspirations to artsPlace!

Natural Twenty is an Alberta-based Funk, R&B, Soul, and Jazz music group performing danceable, cathartic, foot-tapping tunes led by Frederick Fernandez (vocals), Jason Cillo (guitar), and Robin Cillo (drums), Canadian-born Filipinos based in Alberta. Rauth Clement (bass), Dylan Paish (trombone), Seyoung (keys, synth), and Simone Lutzko (saxophone) complete the ensemble. As part of the wave of ethnic/POC artists and musicians in Calgary, they represent Filipino, Malaysian, Korean, and Canadian communities. Their debut EP, Cantrips recounts the experience of young people of colour living in a modern, urban city.

Caddisfly Quartet is a collection of Bow Valley musicians with inspirations that range from the Bow River to the Danube, featuring Canmore locals Máté Mackenzie (vocals/clarinet/guitar), Cheryl Godefroy (keys), RJ Vargas (drums), Roberto Dupre (bass) and friends. Like a caddisfly that builds its silk shell out of the best materials in its habitat, this group draws their love of music from jazz, folk, western swing, and beyond. Come enjoy an intimate, eclectic, and moving set that explores what it means to be.

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