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2022 / 2023 Global Roots Line Up

All concerts are at 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday, September 28

Los Variants

Led by Toronto percussionist, Vince Maccarone, Los Variants is a collective of Juno winning and nominated musicians from around the world.

Sunday, October 9

Sharon Shannon

Irish accordionist Sharon Shannon has achieved legendary status throughout the world and has made the much-maligned accordion ‘cool’ in her home country.

Wednesday, November 9


Qairo is a fiery and dynamic ensemble that combines the emotional charged vocals and pulsing rhythms of flamenco with the infectious melodies and ear-popping tonalities of the Mediterranean diaspora. From Spain to Turkey to India (with stops along the way), Qairo is music for dancing.

Tuesday, November 15

Black Umfolosi

Zimbabwe's greatest Ambassadors, performing music inspired by the traditional song and dance of their native Southern Africa, with a beauty and enthusiasm that is unrivalled.

Sunday, March 12

Jig Jam

When virtuoso Irish playing jumps the pond running naked through the wide open fields of bluegrass/Americana Jig Jam is born. Bluegrass and American Folk music originated from their homes and now Jig Jam are here to take it back!

Saturday, March 25

Farhad Khosravi and Daniel Stadnicki

The earliest version of the santur dates back to as far as Babylonian stone carvings (669 B.C.) Now, Bow Valley audiences have the opportunity to hear the evocative sound of this ancient Persian instrument performed in contemporary style that traverses time.

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