Emily Beaudoin

Emily Beaudoin is a watercolour and pen and ink artist and muralist based out of Canmore, Alberta, and Revelstoke, BC. Emily has always been irresistibly drawn to the mountains for their complexity, colours, abundance of life and beauty. She spends her time hiking, skiing, biking, and paddling into the backcountry in order to paint her experiences.

Emily uses vibrant colour, texture, white space and intricate line work to convey the sense of freedom, adventure and energy she experiences while in the mountains, as well as her connection to and love for these wild places. Emily aims to capture the power and ruthlessness of the wilderness as well as its beauty, fragility and extreme vulnerability. Her hope is that her art will transport viewers to the ridges, summits and valleys she explores and allow them to feel their own sense of connection and awe. The way she sees it, people will only fight to protect the wild places they have a relationship with, and if her art inspires even just one person to go outside and want to be a part of the wilderness, she’ll be a happy camper.

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