The Wicked Witch of the Wetlands
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  May 9, 2020, 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm  | Saturday

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An Evergreen Theatre Production

As a certain Good Witch once said to a certain young girl on a quest, “There’s no place like home.” Wise words, to be sure. But it’s easy to forget that these same words are true for the creatures and plant life that dwell in the threatened ecosystems that help to sustain our planet.

In this Oz-inspired marshland adventure tale from award-winning playwright Jana O’Connor, Dorothy is a plucky, quirky grade five student who is happiest when learning on the go, and most at home in the great outdoors. When she discovers that her beloved wetland stomping grounds are threatened, she follows her heart (as she follows the yellow slick toad) on an epic journey to find the Wizard of Bog, protect the peat, and save the sloughs!


Evergreen Theatre proudly offers school curriculum-based musical theatre touring shows and artist-in-residency programs. Evergreen Theatre has been on the forefront of “green” programming for over 25 years.

Evergreen was established in 1991. Its founding members Scott Mair, Tara Ryan, Elinor Holt, Gerald Matthews, Don Enright and Monique Keiran were passionate about creating opportunities for a larger audience to access the excellent interpretative theatre programs they created and performed each summer in Kananaskis Provincial Park. Driven by this desire to expand their audience base, and a deep enthusiasm for science & environmental issues, they formed Evergreen Theatre: a touring educational, environmental, science based, theatre company for young audiences.

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