Sinéad Ludwig-Burgess: Ephemeral Romances: Love & Attachment
2020 RISE Emerging Artist Program

  April 8, 2020 — May 9, 2020  | Opening Reception: Thurs. Apr. 9 at 5:30 pm

Program Fee: FREE

Welded rusted chains challenge the notion of gravity and support fragile human forms. These sculptures symbolize the beginning process of cutting the cords of attachment, bringing the mind and body to an illuminated state of enlightenment through the process of healing.

From the artist: "Love and attachment are two related dichotomies relevant to the human condition in how we view relationships towards others and ephemeral things of the like. Attachment symbolizes confinement, possessiveness and selfishness, - ingredients for unhealthy relationships towards the ephemeral. Love expresses joy, freedom and acceptance. Through these figurative sculptural forms of rusted steel and painted clay I am interested in acknowledging our expanding and contracting consciousness’ towards the ephemeral, identifying the fears so deeply rooted in these attachments that we feel an unhealthy obligation to “hold onto” them. The rusted aged chains represent the unhealthy attachments we're bind to, which we may be conscious of or that are so deeply rooted in our subconscious, making the reason for our anxiety and fears unconscious to our conscious selves. The fragmented ceramic human forms painted in semi contrasting tones of either sides depict these unconscious attachments coming to the surface, the point of acknowledgment. Fear of losing control (attachment) of the ephemeral creates chaos in the body mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically creating a state of imbalance. Recognizing and accepting these unhealthy habits by getting to the root of the issue starts the process of enlightenment to our spiritual bodies allowing us to expand in consciousness and bring healing to our physical ephemeral selves. Consciousness shifts in all individuals from high to low which is represented though the varying heights of the sculptures showing the different levels or stages of growth. Exploring the vulnerable self through viewing the relationship between love and attachment identifies the ego-self holding on to the thoughts that do not serve you, starting the healing process in our self-regenerating bodies. These sculptures symbolize the beginning process of cutting the cords of attachment that do not serve you, bringing the mind and body to an illuminated state of enlightenment through healing."


As one of the youngest female Canadian sculptors working with welded public art, Sinéad Ludwig-Burgess continues to create surreal artworks that question the viewers’ notion on space and the human body. In the summer of 2017 her first public art sculpture was installed titled, "Caelum et Terra", which is located on the property of a post-secondary polytechnic school in Calgary, Alberta known as SAIT where the sculpture sits in front of the Green Building Technologies' new office building on the northwest corner of the campus. Her second public sculpture is a work in progress which is to be unveiled in the town of Cochrane, AB in 2020. Ludwig-Burgess is able to work with clients to meet their needs where she continues to take on private commissions and is currently creating a new body of work. The figurative and organic sculptures she creates reflect the experiences we endure in life that manipulate and mold our physical and mental states. Her studio practice is driven by the experimentation and bending of steel. The majority of Ludwig-Burgess’ art in her portfolio incorporates the use of scrap metal and recycled materials where she enjoys the process of repurposing these items to make environmentally conscious sculptures. Sinéad Ludwig-Burgess works and resides in Calgary, AB predominantly creating sculptures that consist of welded steel and mixed media. Sinéad is interested in creating works that reference the human body, and continues to follow her passion exploring the limitless potential of metal.


RISE Emerging Artist Program

RISE is an annual exhibition and mentorship program developed by artsPlace to offer Alberta artists the opportunity to educate, exhibit, sell, and promote their artistic practice within the Bow Valley. The goal of RISE is to cultivate Alberta’s emerging artists by pairing an exhibition opportunity with mentorship by a local art professional. Participating artists build experience in exhibition design, installation and professional practice. RISE fosters a strong community awareness of contemporary arts practices and prepares new-generation artists for a professional career in the arts. RISE exhibitions are held at the artsPlace Hub Gallery, and are free and open to the public.