Riverwork - Ella Valge-Saar
2017 RISE Emerging Artist Program

  October 6, 2017 — November 30, 2017  | Opening Reception: Fri. Oct. 6 at 6 pm

Program Fee: Free

From the artist: "River Work is a body of ceramic vessels that can live in your cupboard and embrace a drink, and also inspire dialogue about our place in the Bow Watershed. Influenced by perspectives of the watershed as a place of home, sustenance, energy sources, history, recreation and sensual experience, the exhibit expands our perceptions and meanings of the place we call the Bow. The use of substances and processes from the Bow River to shape the ceramic vessels create metaphors for our various symbioses with our environment, which form the culture of the watershed. The exhibit maintains the pathways between the sensual languages of utilitarian ceramics, geography, and meaningful places.”   

Ella Valge Saar was born in Ontario but has lived in Calgary most of her life. Currently, she divides her time between Canmore in the winter and forestry camps in the summer. She briefly studied Biology at the University of Calgary before shifting to the sensual and muddy realm of Ceramics at the Alberta College of Art & Design, where she recently graduated. Her interest in the formation of culture through art and environment has been a constant throughout her education. Learning through experience is always a meaningful method for her, and has taken her on long hikes through New Zealand, Mongolia and within the Canadian Rockies and Foothills. She has developed many of her values and interests through observations and conversation during hiking and camping, silviculture work, growing vegetables, and naps in the mountains. These experiences have encouraged her to make things of quality, meaning, beauty, and utility.

Valge Saar says: “The representations which I create from clay are narratives that evoke peoples’ memories of places and provide new experiences. They mediate between human participants and the ecology around us. By having precious objects that hold special and meaningful substances like seeds, honey, spices and teas, our awareness of the substances is heightened. The objects that arise engage us in not only consuming food, but also in cultivating it, which is a holistic and reciprocal function. My ceramic objects facilitate a connection to the sensual worlds of the earth and the mind.”

Visit Valge Saar's website at http://ellavalgesaar.wixsite.com/portfolio


RISE Emerging Artist Program:

The RISE Emerging Artist Program offers three Alberta artists each year the opportunity to educate, exhibit, sell, and promote their artistic practice within the Bow Valley.  Each RISE artist is paired with an artist mentor from the Bow Valley who helps guide the artist with preparation, planning and instillation of their exhibition; as well as their artist talk. RISE exhibitions are free and open to the public. 

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