Mike Petroff ~ Folk
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  July 9, 2020 — August 31, 2020  | Thursday, July 9 at 7 pm release date!

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Haunted by a writer’s pen, singer-songwriter Mike Petroff curiously questions and listens. To him, an untold story is an injustice.

A local historian, Mike makes music that pays homage to the many who have shared their tales with him. Strong community and family ties are foremost.

Mike moved to the Bow Valley in 1978. In 2017, he released "1000 Storms". Each song on the album tells a story of something or someone who made an impression on the long-time Canmorite.

One of his most well-known songs, “The Night the Cougar Roared”, tells the story of the 2013 flood. Mike says about his inspiration for the song: 

"June 19th, 2013, it started raining and I guess they called it an imperfect storm. There was a lot of debris backup, snow melt. I guess my emotion was I couldn’t get my mind around that the little creek could turn itself upon us and be so nasty. June 21st was the day it stopped raining, I was down at Communitea playing a fundraiser. I was on my bicycle and I thought, well, I’ll never get this chance again. I’m going to ride up TransCanada highway in the middle of the road. I rode down to where Cougar Creek had flooded out the highway. There were many semis backed up both ways, miles on end, and the heavy equipment operators had finally shut down after three days of hard slogging. There were many heroes in town at that time and this song kind of highlighted the heavy equipment operators. A full moon had just come up over Grotto; I sat down on the guard rail and a songwriter always carries a golf pencil and a pad, and the song kind of wrote itself. It just paid homage to the heroes in our town."

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