Maharani Mentality by Kiran Rai
2021 RISE Emerging Artist Program

  May 17, 2021 — December 21, 2021  | 3D Virtual Tour will be available June 21

Program Fee: FREE

“KRAI” or Kiran Rai (she/her) is a multidisciplinary Punjabi-Canadian artist versed in the fine arts, design, and architecture. Sharing the voice of minority, Kiran engages with topics surrounding women and their cultural, digital, and diasporic identities. She reflects and celebrates the collisions of ethnographics, while also working to decolonize western frameworks and investigate key social issues.

Her featured show Maharani Mentality is part of an ongoing body of work challenging the power dynamics of the patriarchy. She seeks to portray a newfound sense of empowerment through embracing the unapologetic, opinionated, and intuitive nature of women. This work rejects the silencing, surrender and objectification that is imposed on women and embedded in society. Kiran embraces cultural identity in a new light through the “rebel” lens; fighting for the right of expression and challenging the status quo. 

This exhibition includes Virtual Conscience, an illustrative and augmented reality series that visualizes the impact of virtue and morality mapped on to our virtual identities. Kiran will be painting a mural titled “Love for Humanity” during the duration of this exhibition to bring attention to the Farmers Protests’ taking place in Delhi for the right to a sustainable livelihood free from capitalist corruption. 

Learn more about the artist here.


The RISE Emerging Artist Program is generosuly supported by the RBC Foundation

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