Ledlenser Trails in Motion 8 Film Festival

  March 18, 2020, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm  | Wednesday

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to roam a human-free world? A world without the trappings of man-made beliefs, devoid of disconnected thoughts! What would this strange landscape look like...? Would it be strange at all...? Would it echo the call of nature as if cavernous and infinite, or would it lay silent and still with only the sound of your foot steps murmuring your experiences? One can only imagine the freedom, an untethered escape to a place where night and day are only subjective limitations of the mind. Where the commune with nature is as mystical as the day of creation, and the understanding of one's self is a deeply satisfying deluge of emotion. Have you ever wondered?

Introducing the 2020 Ledlenser Trails In Motion Film Tour, four richly unique films that set out to highlight the the lives of some of trail and ultra running's most prominent characters, and in the process, sharing not only their deep connection with their local community, but also the challenges they face as they continue to pursue a life guided by the trails. Get your tickets and join thousands of like-minded trail runners and adventure enthusiasts as they come together in celebration of #trailrunning. Go on, what are you waiting for...be a part of the Trails In Motion experience!


Hosted by SkiUphill: a 1% for the Planet member, donating 1% of our revenue to Canada Parks & Wilderness Society (CPAWS), helping to keep our natural places natural.

Coming Home - Ag Teacht Abhaile
Runtime: 24 minutes
Directed by: Ryan Scura + Dylan Ladds
Produced by: Dooster
Language: English (with a heavy Irish accent at times)
Country of origin: USA + Ireland

Paddy O'Leary grew up in Wexford, Ireland, but didn't discover his love and talent for running until he moved to San Francisco. Now, he is returning to Ireland to take on the fastest known time on the self-navigated 115 kilometer Wicklow Round, and to rediscover his home through the lens of running.

Runtime: 18 minutes
Directed by: James Q Martin
Produced by: Merrell / Q Media
Language: English
Country of origin: USA + New Zealand

On the surface, Anna Frost looks like a competition-driven elite ultra runner having won some of the hardest races in her sport. One would probably think the desire to win is what drives Anna to trail run. To her, trail running is a gateway to connection. Connection to nature. Connection to community. And ultimately, connection to the self. The film will get viewers stoked to learn more about the fabled, “Frosty” yet she is about to go through the hardest challenge of her life, Motherhood.

Human Powered
Runtime: 24 minutes
Directed by: Matt Cecill
Produced by: Matt Cecill Visuals
Language: English
Country of origin: Canada

Every year, trail runners from around the world line up to test themselves at the grueling Finlayson Arm 100km on Vancouver Island. Human Powered looks beyond the finish line, into the community of dedicated volunteers who bring this event to life.

LEADMAND | The Dave Mackey Story
Runtime: 24 minutes
Directed by: Billy Yang + Matt Trappe
Produced by: Nine Mind / Billy Yang Films 
Language: English
Country of origin: USA

Former Ultrarunner of the Year, Dave Mackey was revered for his toughness well before May of 2015. After a serious trail running accident lead him down a difficult road to recovery, he is back and taking on one of the most grueling tests of endurance, the Leadman — 5 events spanning just 2 months, with the legendary Leadville 100 Mile Ultramarathon as the grand finale.

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