Presented by Mountain Improv Alliance

  February 23, 2019, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm  | Saturday

Program Fee: $12

Program Fee Member: $10.20

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The improv show to end all improv shows!* The Mountain Improv Alliance (MIA), Canmore's local improv theatre troupe, presents an evening of guaranteed apocalyptic laughter and fun!** Audience suggestions will inspire scenes made up on the spot by the team of experienced, no-nonsense improvisers.*** Don't miss this show. After all, if it was the last night of our existence, is there any other place you'd rather be?****

*There will be other improv shows after this one.
**Actual apocalypse not guaranteed.
***There may be some nonsense.
****Yes. But it will still be an entertaining evening.

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