Gareth Bruce: Mister Bird
~Local Folk

  August 24, 2018, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm  | Friday (doors open at 7pm)

Program Fee: $20

Program Fee Member: $17

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Born and raised in Canmore, singer-songwriter Gareth Bruce grew up with the forest as his backyard. You can hear his love for nature pouring out through his music; inspired by the silent stories in the knots of old trees, moss covered canyons and the way water sings. In his own bluesy foot tappin’ style he highlights the magic of the wild, and the miracle that is everyday.

Mister Bird released his new album “The Immeasurable Blue” early this spring. A unique collection of folk songs, reminiscing the long lost highways travelled in the past and the great mysteries of life. He will be taking it on tour, heading west after his show at artsPlace.

Opening for Gareth will be the lovely locally brewed musician Mari Rose. With her poetic lyrics and authentic small town character, this young lady tells a story with every one of her heartfelt songs. Inspired by classical composers, Guns and Roses all the way to Joni Mitchell, her honest exploration of life’s subtleties, accented by her angelic voice will surely sweep you away.

Listen to Gareth's album “The Immeasurable Blue” here