Canmore AMPfest 2019
Canmore Alternative, Metal and Punk Festival

  July 28, 2019, 4:30 pm — July 29, 2019, 12:30 am  | Fully Licensed (all ages) - Doors at 4 pm

Program Fee: $20 in advance - $25 at the Door

Program Fee Member: $17 in advance only

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Canmore's first ever Metal and hardcore punk festival featuring 12 bands from Banff, Canmore, Calgary, Regina and Montreal. This is a fully licensed event, but open to metal and hardcore fans of all ages. Doors at 4 pm. Music starts at 4:30 pm

PANIC STATION (Canmore, Alberta) - 4:30 pm

Garage-Rock duo from Canmore featuring Adam Bronsch and Eli Twoyoungmen. Rock and Roll, with a twist of lemon.


TEA & BISCUITS (Canmore, Alberta) - 5:10 pm
Tea & Biscuits are a female-fronted rock and roll band from Canmore, Alberta that puts emphasis on groovy riffs and rhythms and shows a wide rage of influences in their music. They were the Bow Valley Battle Of The Bands winners in 2016 and continue to be a notable act in the scene.


REGAL FOUL (Banff, Alberta) - 5:50 pm
Gerry Royale, Brain MacEachern, and Mitch McCallum make up this three-piece Punk Rock band just starting out in the Bow Valley with their live presence.


SNUG (Canmore, Alberta) - 6:30 pm

Snug is a band from Canmore, Alberta with hardcore, metal and post-hardcore roots. The band consists of guitarists/vocalists Ryan Martin and Connor Higgerty with Jackson Harlton on drums and bassist Josh Jennings.


DYSTONIC WAVES (Calgary, Alberta) - 7:10 pm
Dystonic Waves was formed at the end of 2018 when Andrew Balboa (Heyoka’s Mirror) and Adrian Codirenzi (Terminal Human Condition) started talking about creating a project in which 8-string guitars, polymeters, and a lot of heaviness were the main ingredients. Andrew and Adrian started writing material and soon after Bayan Sharafi (ex-Heyoka’s Mirror) decided to join the project. Dystonic Waves played their first live show as a trio in February 22, 2019 and realized they were missing...ummmm... more balls. They found those extra pair of testes in bassist Andrew Currie (ex-Negative Earth). The band has a peculiar mix of styles ranging from Symphonic Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive Metal, Djent, Black Metal, and Power Metal.


BAWANG! (Canmore, Alberta) - 7:50 pm
BAWANG! is a power-trio from Canmore, Alberta that specializes in Sludge Metal with strong Punk and Stoner Rock influences. Consisting of seasoned musicians ranging from various musical backgrounds coming together to showcase their skill and express their passion for music, their live set showcases an eclectic collection of in-your-face original music tied together with the use of samplers. Sonically, anything goes as long as the groove prevails.


HUMAN STAIN (Banff, Alberta) - 8:30 pm
Two-piece Progressive Hardcore band from the Rocky Mountains consisting of guitarist Nick Christou and drummer Nick Tessier. Mixing influences from all over the musical map, they were Battle Of The Bands finalists in 2017. These two born-and-raised Banffites have been playing together for over a decade and have since released their first full-length album titled “Circadian Rhythm”, and have created a unique, fully-instrumental sound to call their own.


GAZM (Montreal, Quebec) - 9:10 pm

Montreal, QC-based combo Gazm has been working on their bitter brew of hardcore since forming back in 2014. Both their sonic and songwriting approach brings to mind the riffiness of early Integrity and the psycho-spirited thrash of The Accüsed. No matter how you break down whatever Gazm is doing, it all gnarly. With two 7"s, an EP, and 4-way split Muro, Negative, and Blank Spell already in their discography, Gazm have just released their debut album, Heavy Vibe Music.They refuse to compromise their sonic brutality, but they also never refuse a party. They are currently touring in support of their recently released LP "HEAVY VIBE MUSIC."


PARTY AT THE MOON TOWER (Banff, Alberta) - 9:50 pm
Quickly becoming well-known in the Banff music scene since their formation, PATMT are a five-piece Punk/Hardcore band that like to hang out, play music, drink, skateboard, get tattoos and just have fun! Welcome to the PARTY!


STEPPING STONE (Regina, Saskatchewan) - 10:25 pm
Formed in 2015, Stepping Stone have continually been a force to be reckoned with. Bringing OG New York Hardcore sound with a prairie twist, Stepping Stone are not to be missed. Their new single, “Soul Division”, is out now on Safe Inside Records. Catch them throughout North America this summer.


WIDOW’S PEAK (Calgary, Alberta) - 11:10 pm

Widow’s Peak are a Technical Death Metal band from Calgary, Alberta, who have quickly gained a reputation in their metal community for their intense live shows, and have cemented themselves as contenders in the Calgary metal scene.
“If it makes you wanna move your booty, chances are we dig it. From K-pop to brutal slamming death and all the ABBA you can handle!” - Widow's Peak
“Canadian technical death metal outfit Widow’s Peak might be more man than machine, judging by Graceless, their new EP. Starting from the second you hit play, Widow’s Peak attack with blistering fretwork, relentless drumming and a diverse vocal performance.” – Decibel Magazine


PLAGUEBRINGER (Calgary, Alberta) - 12:10 am

Formed in 2013, Plaguebringer is an extreme metal act that combines influences from Black Metal, Technical Death Metal, Melodic Deathcore, and Progressive Metal, and are ready to break ground in the modern heavy music scene. With fast melodic riffs, bone-crushing breakdowns and lyrics that touch upon the occult, Plaguebringer brings a new element to the genre.