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Call for Participation in an Interactive Narrative Digital Art Project about Gender and Sexuality

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Story Recording Session with Flocking QT

Do you identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community? Participate in the Bow Valley story sharing project with Flocking QT at the University of Calgary!

Is This You?

Would you like to contribute your story to an interactive digital art project bringing together Bow Valley’s voices and experiences of gender and sexuality-based marginalization and resilience?

What Are We Asking For?

We ask for personal stories, approximately one to two minutes in length, about your experiences of gender and sexuality-based marginalization and resilience.

artsPlace is partnering with M3Lab on Bow Valley specific version of their Flocking QT art/technology installation that models the emergent behaviour of societal gender and sexuality-based marginalization (harm) and resilience (support).

This art-meets-technology installation explores the questions, “What impact do many small harmful interactions have over time? What does harm and support from people and institutions look like for people of all genders and sexualities?”

The stories in the Bow Valley-specific Flocking simulation will be collected from people with various gender and sexual identities, including cisgender and transgender, and queer (LGBQ+) and heterosexual people.

Your participation can be completely anonymous! Sign up for a private recording session with the Flocking QT team and have your own story recorded and shared as part of a Bow Valley-specific media art installation. Learn more here!

Questions? Contact: [email protected]

Facilitated by M3Lab

About the Project

Flocking Bow Valley builds upon the previous Flocking QT Stories interactive simulation of gender and sexuality-based marginalization and resilience. Through art, code, and community stories, we aim to share the diversity of sexuality and gender experiences and how marginalization and resilience show up in our everyday lives. In this project, we begin with the question, how can we tell and listen to personal narratives in ways that help us understand the emergence, convergence, and divergence of queer and trans experiences?

The completed interactive digital art installation will explore how computational simulations of emergent complex behaviours, combined with individual stories, might provide us with new ways to engage in public discussion about gender and sexuality-based marginalization and resilience through public coding and art.

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