Community Story: Outdoor Concert at the Bow River Seniors Lodge

On a stunning, sunny afternoon, June 8, we were honoured to bring our community together for a special moment of music-sharing, in partnership with the Bow River Seniors Lodge.

Our team member Maria Gregorish writes here about the experience.

"More than songs were exchanged over the blue fence which separated local musicians Ellen Braun and Mike Petroff from about 40 residents from the Bow River Senior Citizens Lodge, during the open-air concert organized by artsPlace.

Memories, jokes, and quips were also playfully thrown back and forth between the two performers and their audience.

The warmth and charm of the artists reached beyond the barrier and brought everyone together in a shared experience of community despite fences and chairs set up apart.

'Everything is gonna be okay', Ellen Braun gently sang to the public, happy to be in front of a live audience again. During these social distancing times, she missed the subtle interchange of emotions between her and the public. Virtual concerts are just not the same.

Mike Petroff has been in Canmore for a while now and his connections with the Bow Valley run deep and strong. He was here when Canmore was a town populated with just 'miners and hippies', lived through the Black Friday when the mine closed, and witnessed the Flood. He remembers them all, people and times, and sings about them.

Canmore has seen bad days before, his songs remind, and we always came out the other side.

'Don’t you worry folks, we’ll be hugging soon!', he ended his show."

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