The Art of The Interview - A Wordsmith Workshop

Wed. Dec. 1 (single session)


Wed. Dec. 1 (single session)

6:30 – 8:30 pm



The Art of the Interview - A Wordsmith Workshop

Learn to structure the questions you ask your interview subjects in such a way that you’ll gain information and details that will provide you with all the materials necessary to create vivid, captivating and unforgettable scenes.

Instructor: Lynn Martel

Meet the instructor

A Bow Valley resident for four decades, Lynn Martel has written about the people and places of western Canada’s mountain community for 25 years.

Her third book, Stories of Ice: Adventure, Commerce and Creativity on Canada's Glaciers investigates and celebrates the many significant roles glaciers play in the lives of western Canada’s mountain residents. Lynn has published two previous books on outdoor topics and written 10 biographical booklets on accomplished members of Canada's mountain community.

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