Nicole Fougère

Programs Director

Nicole Fougère is a mountain-trekking, truth-dancing, language-lover who believes that creativity transforms lives. She is passionate about community engagement in the arts.

At the Royal Conservatory of Music, Nicole innovated many successful arts education programs. She launched and managed these new programs nationally and internationally. She is a specialist in facilitating leadership training for artists, teachers and community facilitators. As an Artist-Educator, Nicole has lead workshops for children and adults in ten countries on three continents. She creates the learning structures in which people can let their own creativity thrive. Nicole is also a dancer, storyteller and an emerging writer. In her performance career, Nicole danced with several Canadian dance companies including Foundation Jean Pierre Perreault, The Karen Jamison Dance Company and Dance Theatre David Earle. Nicole is inspired by the energy of nature and this influences both her dancing and her stories. She is currently working on a book about mountains, love, spirituality and the importance of change.

Contact Nicole at [email protected]

Photo by Eva Urbanska Photography

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