There is a Place on Earth

In celebration of Earth Day and World Creativity & Innovation Day


Monday, April 22

7 p.m.


artsPlace is excited to celebrate Earth Day, as well as World Creativity and Innovation Day, by showing a special screening. Dutch filmmaker Ellen van den Honert takes us on a beautiful and poetic journey around the world where we meet artists/conservationists who share extraordinarily creative work and a commitment to the environment. Through this process, the viewer gets to experience a unique, intuitive connection to the wild – and the necessity to protect it.

Movie length: 73 minutes

The film will be followed by a 30-45 minute discussion with the director and some artistic and environmentally engaged Bow Valley locals.

“I strive to do more than simply present the case to save wild lands and wild animals, as do most nature documentaries. Instead, I wanted to provide viewers with a vehicle to help them evaluate and understand their own relationship to wild nature and wildlife. Science can help us protect wilderness, yes, but it may fall to artists to help us find the reason why!” - Ellen van den Honert

Director's Biography

Ellen van den Honert holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam.

She has worked internationally as a music teacher, project manager, and entrepreneur, while also managing a career as a songwriter and performing artist, successfully releasing the critical acclaimed albums, Breath of the Soul (2006), and Hummingville (2010).

In 2015, Ellen established the Wild About Music Foundation dedicated to promoting the synergy of art and conservation. This led to the production of her first feature-length documentary, There Is A Place On Earth, exploring the role of artists in wilderness conservation.

About World Creativity & Innovation Day 

UN World Creativity and Innovation Day exists because Bow Valley local Marci Segal wanted to encourage everyone to use their natural abilities to produce new ideas and generate new decisions to make the world a better place.

Activities to mark the day began in 2002 and grew. In 2017 the day was recognized and became a United Nations International Day of Observance. It is now celebrated in more than 127 countries all over the world!

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