Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival & World Tour

Monthly features and film programs throughout the year!

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February 26 — October 24

Multi-Film Programs - $15 USD, EPIC All-films Bundle - $52 USD

New monthly features and film programs added throughout the year!

artsPlace is pleased to partner with the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival & World Tour to bring epic mountain films to your home! Watch monthly features and film programs through artsPlace's affiliate link and help support your local community arts centre. More programs will be added throughout the year, bringing you non-stop opportunities to discover more adventures & stories.


When you purchase through artsPlace's affiliate link, you're helping to support your local community arts centre! A portion of these ticket sales will come back to artsPlace, allowing us to continue providing you with amazing mountain inspired programs.

Film programs consist of 4 selections of films in one 2-hr viewing, giving you the the same curated film program feeling that you know and love from attending the festival in person!

Individual Programs - $15 USD


The Legend of Tommy G (6 min)
The Elder (The Winter) (11 min)
empo. Movements in Mountains (4 min)
Climbing Blind (46 min)
Slack Sisters (4 min)
Natural Mystic (4 min)
Imagine (11 min)
Return to El Guayas (31 min)
The Secret of Bottom Turn Island (3 min)


Charge 2 (4 min)
Where I Belong (9 min)
Far Far Est (8min)
Running the Roof (Tour Edit) (45 min)
Voice Above Water (11 min)
Madman Trails of Bhutan (5 min)
Free as Can Be (31 min)
One Star Reviews: National Parks (1 min)


My Last Day of Summer
Piano to Zanskar (Tour Edit)


Mother Earth (5 min)
Pretty Strong: Fernanda (17 min)
The Long Today (16 min)
12,000 km (28 min)
Zeppelin Skiing (Tour Edit) (5 min)
Fly Spiti - The Short Odyssey (25 min)
Silks (4 min)
Frozen in Time (16 min)

Program Bundles

EPIC! Bundle (all four programs) - $52 USD

All World Tour Programs available in one package! Over 8 hours of films for hardcore World Tour fans. Includes Amber, Onyx, Ruby, and Sapphire Film Programs. You have 14 days to watch all 4 programs!

Amber & Onyx - Ruby & Sapphire - $28 USD

Award Winners: Monthly Series

Join us online each month for a new program of award-winning films from 2018, 2019, and 2020 Festivals. Catch up on missed films or re-live some of the best that Banff has to offer.

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