Tyler Hornby B3 Trio - Funk

This night will be filled with hardcore swing and funk grooves with the guitar/B3/drums configuration.

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Sat. Feb. 4

7:30 p.m.

$30 / members $25.50

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This night will be filled with hardcore swing and exciting funk grooves with the guitar/B3/drums configuration.

Neil Mcvey - guitar I Steve Fletcher - B3 I Tyler Hornby - drums

With his album Locus, drummer/composer Tyler Hornby introduces listeners to a compelling album of original compositions and arrangements filled with hard core swing and exciting funk grooves. The powerhouse trio for this project features Steve Fletcher on B3 and Neil McVey on guitar, alongside one of Canada’s master drummers; Tyler Hornby. When asked about the inspiration for Locus, Tyler spoke of wanting to work in a small yet cohesive configuration utilizing the warm tones from the B3 and the soaring melodic soundscapes of the guitar. Ranging from soothing ballads to high energy jazz/funk, this group is full of fresh sounds yet enriched in the jazz tradition.

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