New Blood: A story of reconciliation

In-person theatre performance. Poetry, Song, Contemporary & Traditional Dance — featuring singers & dancers of Siksika Nation and the music of Peter Gabriel.


Sunday, Oct. 2

4:00 pm


Registration required

“I was transported and captivated … a remarkable and powerful piece of theatre.” - D. Michael Dobbin, Former Artistic Director of Alberta Theatre Projects

Conceived By: Deanne Bertsch

Featuring Singers and Dancers of Siksika Nation, Rosebud School of the Arts, and Strathmore High School, the widely acclaimed production of “New Blood” blends traditional Blackfoot music and contemporary music by Peter Gabriel to create an amazing piece of theatre. Featuring poetry, music and dance, the show is inspired by the life of Chief Vincent Yellow Old Woman and his experience as a child in residential school, how he reclaimed his way of life and became Chief of his people. Learn more about the show here.

Each of the Blackfoot cast members shared why they choose to participate in this show, and each one reminded us that they, and/or their parents and/or grandparents, were victims of residential school. These are their stories. We are grateful for their generosity in sharing with us. Featuring original poetry including “The Indian in the Child”, music by Peter Gabriel and Indigenous singers including contemporary and traditional dance.

“…… one of the most important pieces of theatrical art I have ever witnessed.” “…… drums fill the space and shake you to the bone” - Morris Ertman, Artistic Director of Rosebud Theatre
Cast & Crew

The cast and crew of 35 includes performers from Siksika Nation, Strathmore and Rosebud, Alberta.

Starring Nikko Hunt as Chief Vincent Yellow Old Woman.

Projection artists include George Littlechild and Doug Levitt.

Drumming by Skip WolfLeg.

Narrated by Eulalia Running Rabbit.

Live vocals by Sho Blunderfield and Deanne Bertsch.

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