Spirit of Place: Solastalgia

By Meg Nicks & Micha Bandini


April 22 – May 21, 2023


Wed. April 26 at 5:30 p.m. (FREE! No registration required)


Solastagia is the profound sense of loss or depression resulting from a deep awareness of environmental change impacting your home environment.

Meg is deeply embedded in her Bow Valley mountain home, as Micha is in her own Tuscan mountain home in Italy. During the last several years, Meg and Micha wrote emails to each other, carrying messages of hope and disappointment across the Atlantic.

How do you communicate a longing for earth-beauty without acknowledging environmental changes happening with such speed that it’s impossible to get used to its loss? This is the question Meg and Micha grappled with in their messages. Memory forms, reforms and deforms when you suffer from solastalgia, a malaise now with a proper medical term.

In this exhibition, Meg and Micha’s colours and words show the fragile wonder of the Bow Valley. While Meg’s art focuses on the impression left on the retina by erosion, glacial melt, fire and floods, Micha’s art looks at the wider scale of those threats on the valley. Both Meg and Micha’s artwork shout for change.

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