Beautiful Creatures by Doro Buch

RISE Emerging Artist Exhibition


2022 Past Rise Emerging Artist Exhibition


Beautiful Creatures

Artist: Doro Buch

RISE Emerging Artist Exhibition

This exhibition gives us a ride on a merry-go-round emotions: from love to anger and from fear to joy. The figures in the oil paintings are abstracted, multilayered and multicoloured. Video projections and music help this exhibition leap off the walls. By looking into this world of mysterious creatures the viewer can experience how art can share beauty linked together with even the scariest of feelings.

Doro Buch is a Calgary based contemporary visual artist. Originally a social scientist, she blends together her curiosity about individuals and society with the passion to paint. She creates in oil or acrylic, collage like arrangements juxtaposing the imaginary, symbolic and the real. She also incorporates music or sounds, animations and projections to bring her paintings to life. Her work touches upon social, political, environmental, and human issues. In the center of her attention is always the individual - observing or (re)acting.

Tour the exhibition:

  • Click and drag the mouse to "walk around"
  • You can stop at any section and take a closer look
  • Click on the "lollipops" to learn more about each artwork
  • Click the Full Screen option for a more immersive experience
  • Make sure your internet browser is up to date! 

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