Vertical Life Film Tour
Virtual Screening

  May 14, 2021 — May 22, 2021

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artsPlace is a proud affiliate in bringing the Vertical Life Film Tour to our Bow Valley community. Join virtually from May 14-22 to enjoy an all new climbing, mountaineering, slack line and vertical lifestyle film program created for worldwide adventure people! It's all about the mountain lifestyle and the most adventurous activities we all dream of, and participate in, but feel much safer watching right now on the big (or small) screen!


Film Line-Up

1. OUT OF THE BLUE - An original independent film not previously released. It combines climbing, slack lining and circus arts in a truly unique and visually stunning way that captures the very essence of “vertical life”. The film has an original score by rising talent Josue Vergara.

2. A THOUSAND WAYS TO KISS THE GROUND - The film explores the paradox of grief within climbing, an activity sought out for the joy and vibrancy it provides to its participants, but one that also exposes individuals to risk and the potential for tremendous grief and loss. The purpose of the film is to establish a starting point for destigmatizing the grieving process for climbers.

3. VALHALLA - A documentary about the search for something unique in a remote and wild place, far from the big cities and the most frenetic progress. Edu Marín, his father Francisco “Novato” and his brother Álex, embark on an uncertain adventure, in which the chances of success are low but the reward can be enormous. The determination of the Marin to conquer the largest roof in the world is absolute and nothing and no one can stop them. The great arch of Getu is the main setting for a story of joys, tears, unexpected obstacles, adverse weather, friendship and climbing.

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