Unplugged 2018 Finalists
Battle of the Bands Showcase

  February 16, 2019, 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm

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"The 2018, Pilsner/ Tommy’s UNPLUGGED, was the best change made in the 6 years running of The Battle of The Bands competition - the first one of its kind in the Bow Valley. 16 amazing acts filled the stage at Tommy’s over a 6 week period. The result is truly a Showcase of performers who have developed there musical and performance skills to a truly unexpected level of excellence." - Garry Gonis / Founder, Producer 

Alana J Brown is a singer songwriter in the Bow Valley, and is a Graduate of Music with Honours from Humber College. Along with Alana, Tom Downes is the back bone back beat of  the duo. Tom who also play drums in other bands sticks to the steady percussion of the Cahon with Alana, Tom is the consummate percussion/ drummer and lends the fabric which the duo is based upon.

Bow Valley singer songwriter and a Graduate of” The Royal Conservatory of Canada Heather Jean Jordan was 3rd place in the 2018 Unplugged (Pilsner/Tommy’s) Competition.

Known as Our Lucky Mix, Daran Holmes and Calvin Kelly, are new to the performing scene in The Bow Valley, and in a miraculous attempt to put a new set of songs together as a duo in 5 weeks before The Unplugged began and come out in 4 th out of 16 Bow Valley acts is definitely worth seeing.

Also joining us on stage are Todd Clarkson (indie) and Dan Polini (finger style, country, blues).