Heather Jean Jordan ~ Kids Show
artsPlace Online Concert

  June 18, 2020 — August 31, 2020  | Thursday, June 18 at noon release date !

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We are so happy to present this special, all-ages show!

Heather Jean Jordan is a professional singer-songwriter and educator based in Banff. A classically-trained singer & pianist, and self-taught ukulele player, she loves to write, perform and share the joy of music with all ages.

Heather believes in music as a natural healing instinct, and at her shows stories will be told, laughs will be had, and tears might be shed, but her hope is that all the listeners come away feeling a little more hopeful, and a lot less alone.


Shrouded in mystery, and clouded by confusion, Heather’s beginnings are of some contention. She claims to be Manitoba born and raised, but beyond this rumours abound…

Was she raised by polar bears in the Great Canadian North? Played into existence by a laughing fiddler? Some say she was taken in by a kindly family of Reader’s Digest Songbooks who fed her on Blues & Broadway, Country & Classical, then released her back into the tall grass prairie when she proved too difficult to handle.

However uncertain her origins, her music sings clear and true. It is the tune you wake up whistling, the tall tale told by a crackling fire, the sweet song of a meadowlark on a clear summer day. If you find yourself waltzing from room to room, filled with the longing for a warm hearth, don’t be alarmed - these effects are only natural. Heather Jean’s music is good for the soul.


Here’s what other people have to say:
"Heather Jean Jordan is a singer-songwriter who captivates any audience of any age with her timeless, evocative songs, her warmth and spirit, and her sweet, soulful voice. Whether performing on stage or conducting a workshop, Heather's artistry, dedication, creativity and persona shine, making for a memorable and most enjoyable experience."
-Kurt Bagnell, Past Artistic Director Canmore Folk Festival/Former Manager of Presentations at Banff Centre

"Passionate about sharing and experiencing music as a group, Heather is a very natural performer. While on stage or sitting across from you, Heather gives off the warmth you feel from an old friend who has just arrived from a fantastical journey with an engaging story to tell"
- Amy Urquhart, Carberry Plains Arts Council


Please support Heather's music here:

Website: www.heatherjeanjordan.com

Facebook: HeatherJeanJordan

Instagram: heatherjeanjordan


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