Amelie Patterson ~ Folk/Indie
artsPlace Online Concert

  April 27, 2020 — May 31, 2020  | Monday, April 27 at 7 pm release date!

Virtual Concert - Click Here to Watch


Amelie donated her honorarium for artsPlace online concert in support of COVID-19 relief efforts, and she's encouraging you to donate to these amazing charities : The Calgary Health Trust and the Calgary Drop-in Centre


Music is math. Music is business. Music is art. Few can leverage more than one side with any level of proficiency. Bow Valley musician Amelie Patterson is the kind of songwriter who knows her strengths and bridges the gaps of her knowledge and skill to transform her own confident alt-folk songwriting into transfixing musical mechanica.


            Upon completing a biology degree at the University of Victoria, Patterson slipped out of the merge lane and ended up diverting away from the scientific impulses and a family history of going into medicine. Turning her attention to music and songwriting, she pushed herself to a music residency at the Banff Centre where she met Will MacLellan (Raleigh) and the two decided to record a record together. That project became Roll Honey Roll, Patterson’s debut, co-produced by MacLellan and Brock Geiger (Raleigh, The Dudes). Roll honey Roll went on to win Alternative recording of the Year at the 2017 YYCMA's. Though tempted by the prospect of a bigger musical market, Patterson doubled down on her community-oriented skill-set and began recruiting other talented folks to her cause including Prophets of Music founders Kyle Tenove and Barry Mason, as well as Carson Gandt, into her live ensemble. This community mindset garnered Patterson the inaugural poet-laureateship of Banff, AB. Completing the Coalition Music Artist Entrepreneurship Program further cemented Patterson’s interest in assembling a team around her songs, directing her collaborators instead of dictating or arranging, and letting them play to their strengths around her articulate musical aspirations.


            The result is the Playlist, a series of diverse rolling singles, coherently organized into volumes, each centred on a thematic through-line. Patterson plays with genre and mood throughout, experimenting in writing and pushing herself and her collaborators to darken the corners of her moody alt-folk sound-space. The Playlist will be released song-by-song, defined by, and reacting to, the social and musical moments to which each single breathes. Every bold and inward-facing musical singularity is readable in the lyrical and cultural moment it appears. The Playlist is at once present and omnipresent, a reactive and reflexive musical index of the development of an artist, her techniques, but most of all, her leadership.


“Canadian singer-songwriter Amelie Patterson is one of music’s most exciting artists.”

             - Pop Culturalist, 2019

“This combination of high energy and edgy cool will be familiar to fans of Gin Wigmore, while Patterson stays close to her core indulgences of roots and Americana. The result is an energetic party song with a driving pulse, that extends the complex sensibility of Patterson’s aesthetic into the uncharted waters of electro pop and indie electronic. The Patient Kind is a vibrant exploration of the no-stress attitude that could belong to anyone with an instinct for self-satisfaction."   

             - ChillFiltr, 2019


“Every cliché you can think of when listening to music that simply feeds your soul came to mind; “chills up my spine,” “gives me goose bumps,” “foot-tapping, head bopping.” Patterson’s music ticks all the boxes of what constitutes as a good tune and her innovation in song writing is possibly unmatched.”

             - Alana MacLeod, RM Outlook 2019


“#cfmf16 up and comer Amelie Patterson was a highlight of my festival this year, watch out for this girl!”

             - John Abraham, Delirium SPB


"Patterson’s vocals are bluesy and the beat is sexy, what more do you need?"

             - Hype Machine, 2019 


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Instagram:  @ameliepmusic

YouTube Channel: Amelie Patterson Music


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