100% Steep Skiing Night
Join Ski Uphill for a Movie Night at artsPlace!

  March 26, 2018, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm  | Monday

Program Fee: $9.75

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100% Steep Skiing Night.

Meet local steep skiing pioneer Doug Ward and hear his stories about lines that we dream about, including first descents in the Canadian Rockies. 

This will be followed by two inspired steep skiing movies:

“T’es pas bien là?” (Downside Up) by Seb Montaz - 32 minutes
The pioneers who first skied its seemingly impossible walls have all but given way to a new generation of innovators. Venturing into gravity-defying
 terrain, a small group of pretenders to the kingdom of the vertical continue to test the boundaries of this little documented discipline of ski and snowboard.  We join skier and mountain guide, Vivian Bruchez, as he explores his backyard on several steep adventures in a winter of exceptional snow, in the company of a few talented friends.

50º North by Julien Roure (featured on Salomon TV) - 15 minutes
Alex Pittin, former French Alpine Ski Team member and Tony Lamiche, former French rock climbing and ice climbing champion, have turned steep slopes into their preferred playground. Ski-mountaineering, steep-slope skiing, extreme skiing are disciplines rarely practiced, but brought to near-perfection by the two athletes. There's a reason why Tony & Alex prefer to call it "mountain skiing"; it requires going down steep slopes that certain people climb, it also requires a lot of technical knowledge, as well as a good understanding of this unique environment.