Metis Fire Bag

  October 21, 2017  | Saturday, 10 am – 1 pm

Program Fee: $85

Program Fee Member: $72

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Participants will learn a simplified version of a traditional fire bag. A fire bag was worn on a man’s sash tied around his waist and in it he carried what he needed to start a fire; tinder, char cloth, flint and steel. A typical fire bag was made out of trade cloth, beads, ribbon, and wool; a very time consuming process. For this exercise, participants will make a simplified version of the fire bag using felt and embroidery floss.

Materials and beverage included 

Instructor: MJ Belcourt

MJ Belcourt Moses comes from a rich Métis ancestry and possesses a wealth of cultural skills acquired from Métis and Aboriginal elders throughout northern and central Alberta. She received the Aboriginal Role Model of Alberta Art Award in 2009 for her work as an artisan and cultural instructor.