Flamenco Introductory workshop with Deborah “La Caramelita”

  October 5, 2019, 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Program Fee: $45 - Save with the Creative Adventure Passport

Program Fee Member: $38.25

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Learn the fundamentals of this Spanish art form! This open level class covers basic flamenco dance technique, looking at arm work, hands (floreo), marking steps (marcajes) and some footwork (zapateo). The class focuses on exercises for body posture, movement and coordination and will end with a short choreography, taking the student beyond the steps to incorporate style and expression. Enjoy, work, think, and increase your self-confidence while learning to use your body to express characters and emotions. No experience necessary.

Deborah "La Caramelita" has taught workshops worldwide, encouraging her students to find self-expression through this passionate dance.

Attire : Comfortable clothes with a long skirt if desired. No special shoes required but if you have flamenco shoes or character shoes with a heel, you can bring them. 

Don't miss a flamenco show by Deborah "La Caramelita" after the workshop! Click here for details.