"This I Believe" by Grace Clippingdale

"One of our greatest resources is creativity. We benefit from utilizing it in nearly every part of our lives. Using creativity decreases stress while increasing happiness. Creativity is at the heart of progress and innovation because it encourages problem-solving, releases stress, and creates connections.

Creativity encourages the act of going beyond limits and above boundaries. To innovate and experiment. Since the Stone Age, people have been using creativity to improve lifestyles, health, and living. The ability to think outside the box is creativity. To constantly search and problem-solve for new and better ways. Math and science are exploring the world and finding new technologies to understand. Creating new formulas. New inventions. Discovering the reason for patterns and events. Without creativity, we would never be able to solve the obstacles in math and science. It’s a catalyst for learning and critical thinking. Art is associated with creativity. But creativity is the ability to create. To imagine a solution. Analytical studies: math and science, are the ability to problem-solve. To solve a problem and find a unique solution, is the essence of creativity. By extension, creativity is at the core of analytics.

I remember taking a wheel-throwing pottery class at artsPlace. It was both humbling and engaging. The instructor opened my eyes to a completely different art form. Each week, I looked forward to attending. Even though I failed miserably at my first attempts—as most beginners do.
The class was alive and vibrant. I enjoyed seeing what my friends made and attempted. I loved it. Learning from mistakes and new creations. There was a certain joy and satisfaction in creating new things. Being creative can divert thoughts away from stress and being idle. Encouraging innovation, improvement, and new creation. Allowing us to play with dreams and ideas internally. It brings excitement. Completing a craft ignites imagination. Depression and anxiety are two mental illnesses that are currently rising. Studies done by researchers and universities show how being creative can help improve and even cure them. Creativity is both healthy and beneficial. It’s therapeutic. Creativity can create positivity, and improve our outlook on life and physical health.

We live in a world that is constantly evolving and changing in new concepts and technologies. Thinking outside the box, willing to take risks—good and bad—help us grow and adapt as a society. Ideas and emotions are often complex and difficult to convey. Creativity can help conceptualize these, bridging misunderstandings. Through art forms and by sharing creations, connections are created between everyone who has seen, read, listened, or interacted with it. Whether it’s the creator or the onlooker, creativity releases stress and invigorates new ideas. Whole societies can be—and have been—changed by the ideas and creativity of a single person or group. Creativity is a vital part of culture. And culture is spread and exchanged between people.

Creativity improves initial designs and first attempts. It’s what drives improvement and experimentation, what helps create new inventions and progress. Being creative is relaxing, refines outlook and improves health. Everyday connections are made between people and societies through creativity and innovation. At the centre of every improvement is a creative solution.

One of our greatest resources is creativity."