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List your event here and artsPlace will help you market it, by posting it to our event list!

See the FAQ to the right for the kinds of events we list and the services we offer to help your marketing.  This includes posting images and downloadable documents, links to other sites, video clips and more.

Images/ Videos and Attachements: If you have images or attachments you would like us to add, please email them separately to [email protected].  All entries are subject to approval.  We do our best to get your listing up as soon as possible, but please allow 5 working days for your event to be processed. 

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Optional Event Details


What events will artsPlace list, and how can artsPlace help you market your event?

Events we list include films, markets, exhibits, dances, performances, readings, art classes, etc., ocurring around the Bow Valley.  We also list other activities occurring at artsPlace. 

You might only want a simple description of your event.  Or you can use your event list as a mini website for your event.  You could include: 

  • Up to four images totalling 2MB or less.  This could include your logo, a map to your location, or images to show how much fun your event is going to be.
  • Registration forms, schedules and other information sheets for participants.
  • Links to your website, facebook page, video or image stream.
  • Special instructions or recognition for your volunteers and sponsors.

We can also set your event up to take online bookings for you, or even sell tickets and take registration fees online. If you'd like to do that, create your event, then please contact us , to arrange registration and ticketing.