Julie Lamoureux

Artist Biography

Julie resides in the beautiful Bow Valley in Alberta, Canada. Known primarily for her wildlife portraits, she captures the essence of each animal she paints through luminous eyes and soft fur. Conservation of wild spaces is a major motivation behind her artwork.

Julie's artwork is represented by the Avens Gallery in Canmore, and is enjoyed internationally. When she's not painting she enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, and anything related to her dog, the rescue-Bichon who inspired her painting career.

Artist Statement

Few of us will ever lock eyes with a grizzly. While bears and other wild animals are beloved to many of us as children as nursery tale friends, as we grow we become disconnected from the wild. Animals like grizzlies and wolves become abstractions, existing "elsewhere," out of sight and mind. In our increasingly urban lives this leads to our silence as habitats are eroded, and the roar of the wild quiets.

My purpose as an artist is to reconnect us with the wild. Through a realism that exquisitely captures an animal’s essence, my paintings allow us to see into a grizzly’s golden eyes, and to recognize our common spark of spirit. As we make this emotional connection with other creatures, valuing the wild and lending our voices in support of wild spaces becomes more likely.

My artwork provides me with an opportunity to contribute to and connect with others about conservation. With each painting my awe of the animals and places I depict deepens, providing me with the impetus to learn more about our natural world and to be a better steward of our planet.

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