The Unsyncables — A Dammittammy Production
Edmonton Fringe Festival Hit!

  September 22, 2018, 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm  | Saturday

Program Fee: $20

Program Fee Member: $17

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The Unsyncables is precisely that: the story of three young synchronized swimmers who will rise to the top - unless of course they've forgotten their water wings. Adorable and instantly endearing, the girls from the Unsyncables will leave you gasping for air like you just swam 50 laps. They miss every lift (almost) but nail each punchline. For fans of corny '90s pop music, awkward pre-teen love, and anyone with a firm belief that the power of friendship can conquer any obstacle!

Dammittammy is a Sterling nominated Edmonton theatre company founded by Rebecca Merkley. Rebecca is an Edmonton-based theatre artist from Creston, BC. She completed her acting training at MacEwan University in 2012. Her first play, The Unsyncables, was produced at the 2016 International Fringe Festival; it was also Rebecca’s directorial debut. The play received a Sterling Nomination for ‘Best Fringe Production’ and enthusiastic media and patron reviews. 

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